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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  December 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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have a few people in a tizzy by saying this is the first day of winterberry december 1 is the start of meteorological winter. happy winter everybody and it feels like winter out there with temperatures where they should be, in the 30's to start our thursday morning, december 1. olney is at 31 degrees. there are simpler numbers. charles's -- charlestown is 29 degrees. sonny and 51 degrees this afternoon. 30's tonight ended 50's for tomorrow afternoon. on the roads, we are looking pretty good. this is a shot of the beltway at colesville road and that gets pretty heavy this time of the morning usually. the outer loop is the heavier
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volume. on 270 at father hurley boulevard, no problems as you make your way down to the lane divided. over 2 springfield on 95 northbound up from dale city the usual delays across the occoquan but steady up to newington. d.c. police are investigating a possible armed robbery that happened overnight on dix street in northwest. police are looking for three suspects. in each of three attacks, three masked gunmen robbed a convenience stores and customers inside. there is a $10,000 reward for any information that might lead to an arrest. a lot of investors are waking up to good news. global stocks soared overnight
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on news of the dow's best game in the two years. tomorrow the labor department releases the november on imported report. things are looking up at the moment. good morning wall street is wondering if today can match yesterday's big surge. there are encouraging signs that the economy is improving. the average american investor wakes up this morning will wealthier. the dow jones went up nearly 500 points. it was the biggest gain since march of 2009. the announcement by the federal reserve and major central banks about a coordinated effort to lower borrowing costs helped as well as a positive outlook for american jobs. the reports as american companies hired 206,000 workers last month.
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>> over half the jobs can from the small business sector and that suggests we are starting to see new business formation pickup which is critical to have sustained recovery. after a roller-coaster ride the last few months, experts say americans should stick to their financial plans and not look at their portfolios every day. thank you. 6:00 for and some members of the d.c. occupy protests are getting ready to hit the road. between 15 and 25 demonstrators will lead a march from the dr. martin luther king jr. moral to the civil rights leaders gravesite in atlanta. he was reportedly planning a poor people's campaign and occupation before his death. the only suspect in the disappearance of a maryland woman in aruba is finally
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telling his side of the story. today, gary g. ord, will sit down with "good morning america" for an interview. >> he arrived in the u.s. yesterday. the whereabouts of robyn gardner remained a mystery. good morning, rejecting an appeal an aruban appeals court released gary giordano. he is now in new york for that scheduled interview. we will hear the maryland man defend himself and his own words for the first time. out of jail and back in the united states, this is the first look at gary giordano. in an abc news exclusive cameras captured him making his first call back home. >> let me talk to the kids'. >> instead of heading back to montgomery county, he is now in new york.
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he is expected to talk about the past four months in a rowboat. he spent 116 days behind bars. he is the only suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner. she was his travel campaign -- companion and she remains missing. he maintains that she was swept away while the two went snorkeling. some people who know giordano say he never would have gotten in the water. we will hear more about this in about an hour or so. his interview can be seen right here coming up on "good morning america" starting at 7:00. the so-called blanc the bandit crime spree is apparently over. police arrested the 26-year-old stephanie schwab after a low- speed chase on the beltway. she is responsible for three
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bank robberies and a carjacking. police in montgomery county say tip from the public lead them to a man wanted for a series of carjackings and robberies in wheaton. police announced the arrest of a 50-year-old of landover. he faces kidnapping armed carjacking, and robbery charges in connection with the three attacks. republican presidential hopeful herman cain says he will decide by next week about the future of his candidacy. he delivered a message that he will not be forced out but he stopped short of a definitive statement about staying in the race. he says he is reassessing his campaign amid allegations he had a 13-year affair with the georgia businesswoman. the virginia attorney general may be seeking higher office. ken cuccinelli will run for governor in 2013.
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he is popular with tea party supporters. this would set up a showdown with the current lieutenant governor. 37 degrees outside. >> still ahead, the old coaches new job. bruce boudreau is heading west. >> ♪ >> the nominees for music's highest honor and the front runner. >> it is starting to feel more like winter outside. we have the first forecast
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we are the american association of pharmaceutical scientists in arlington, virginia and we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. good morning, washington. bright sunshine when the sun comes up. high pressure is overhead and that will give us blue skies. there will be no clouds like yesterday. a cold front is off to our northwest and that will clear bus tomorrow and you will not notice the cold front moving through town. it will not change conditions that much. 38 degrees in the district in quantico is 40 degrees. manassas is 34 degrees. sonny and 52 this afternoon and that is average for this time of
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year and not as wendy as the past couple of days. the high pressure is moving directly overhead. continued sunny tomorrow and warmer in the mid 50's. the seven-day forecast is coming up. have a report of an accident eastbound on 66 near 234 in manassas. after that, 66 will slow through centreville and not too bad as you approach the beltway. for '95 is university boulevard is looking pretty good. --495 is looking pretty good. no significant -- significant delay is that -- on 270. >> thank you, steve. d.c. and virginia will lay out their plans to deal with snow and ice this winter.
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vincent gray and district leaders will put the city's winter weather plan to test. vdot will discuss their preparation as well. it is 6:12 and 37 degrees. >> why the federal government wants to give away millions. >> plus, bruce boudreau opens up whiwhy he should have been fired in what is next. >> president obama and the first family will be out here later today to help light the national christmas tree. we will have details on the big
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at bank of america we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call greater washington, d.c. home. from supporting an organization that helps new citizens find their way... to proudlyupporting our washington redskins... and partneriring with a school that brings academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c. the more we help make opportunity possible. >> 3,32,1, >> and there it is, the 30-foot
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christmas tree at rockefeller center is the lead of. people packed the center last night and mayor michael bloomberg flipped the switch. it is a great event every year. we have ours locally and president obama will help lead the national christmas tree tonight. >> there is a brand new star of the show this year. jummy olabanji is live on the e lips and has details. good morning the brand new start as a brand new tree. the trade that was out here since the 1970's toppled over this year due to high winds and a new tree will be unveiled this evening. this is the hottest ticket in town 14,000 people were lucky enough to get one. the rest of us will have to watch on tv or the internet. the crew is out here now getting
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this stage set for the star- studded event that will happen later this evening. we know that the first family will be here and this event will be hosted by carson daily and plenty of act will be heading the stage today like the air force band, holiday tunes and country music stars. as we mentioned 14,000 people got tickets but this will be streamed live on the website this will start at 4:15 this afternoon and lasting through rush-hour and into the evening. d.c. police will shut down roadways and around the white house. the want to make sure you avoid this area. it will be a star-studded event
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and everything starts today at 4: 30 and will last for a couple of hours. thank you. it will be a busy day for the president. he and bill clinton and george w. bush are participating in a panel discussion marking world aids day. the event at george washington university they hope will build awareness. >> the man accused of shooting at several military buildings in northern virginia is scheduled to be in court. federal prosecutors want the judge to keep him in jail until he goes on trial. there'll be a fund-raiser tonight helping relatives of three people who died in a house fire in lewisdale. the event be held at the elementary school in hyattsville. former caps coach bruce
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boudreau has a new job. he will go west to take over coaching duties for the anaheim ducks who just fired their coach last night. he had four winning years with the caps and in an interview, he says the team made the right decision because his players stopped responding to his leadership. and be a facility will open their doors today for the first time since the lockout was lifted. that means players can start using the arenas for voluntary workouts. why the irs wants to give away $100 million but cannot. good morning markets worldwide are skyrocketing and the world wide rally started on wall street yesterday with the dow climbing 490 points. it is the biggest gain since
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march, 2009 but the bull market may not last. there is another report that the ship holiday shopping season is off to a great start. mastercard says weakens sales were up almost 9% from last year, a total of $50 billion. a new jersey company is selling a generic version of legator whose patent ran out yesterday. the indian company got an approval late yesterday which will be made in new jersey. the irs may have some money for you. they say they have almost 100,000 checks they cannot deliver, it totals $153 million. >> 6:19 is your time. we are officially in meteorological winter but this is the first day of summer in australia. these are die-hard server is alleged by fireworks. and their wet suits.
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it is time for traffic and weather. that is not swimming weather around here. yes, first day of winter, it is classified as winter starting december 1. astronomical winter comes december 21 at the winter solstice. you can see a little bit a brightness on the horizon. the sun is up at 7:00 07 a.m. we will have nine hours 39 minutes of some light and that will dwindle. outside, we are in the 30's for the most part and some upper 20's but 38 at reagan national airport and 35 in hagerstown. 42 degrees in annapolis.
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clear skies overhead today. high pressure is almost directly overhead so that is less wind. bright sunshine out there nearly total sunshine in store for today. even the colfer into our northwest will clip us tomorrow. -- even the cold front to our northwest will clip bus tomorrow. often they will bring as added clouds but that is not the case. sonny and 52 so seasonable temperatures. in the 30's again tonight and tomorrow afternoon in the mid- 50's and dry and sunny into the upcoming weekend. we will see a chance of ran by tuesday next week. we have an accident on eastbound 66 in manassas. it looks like the left lane is blocked at the scene of the incident.
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you have a backup approaching 234/manassas. let's go to the beltway at university boulevard. it is getting slower on the outer loop. it is slowing down of father hurley boulevard on 270. >> 6:27 and 37 degrees. >> coming next, music's biggest stars celebrate music's biggest honor. >> what is really causing people to collect and live in this mess? >> you will not get rid of my stuff. >> you know you need help? >> i don't want to live this way. >> a three-step to de-clutter your house, next anderson.
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state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry i'm so sorry.
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i would love to help but remember you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry are you crying? no, i st i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. ♪ >> grammy nominations are out and adele is a major nominate. the british surrender scored six nominations including record, song and album of the year. but she was not the top nominate. kanye west came away with a leading seven nominations. taylor swift did not score any nominations and the top categories. >> i think she cleaned up at the ama's last year.
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there was a live concert special. bon iver scored for nominations. skrillex got five nominations. i don't know those names. >> you are out of touch? >> it clearly. >> still another half an hour ahead. >> a crime spree caught on tape and police need your help to catch the three men from this the violent hold up. >> blue skies for the day today and we look will be back
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead at 6:30,
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waking up wealthier when world markets follow in the dow's footsteps. can wall street keep this rally going? good morning washington, it is thursday, december 1. >> it is the first day of meteorological winter and the first day of the holiday season in d.c. this is a live look of crews on the ellipse getting ready for a brand new treat for tonight's 89th annual national tree lighting. have a preview coming up in a few minutes. here is meteorologist at caskey. it is a little chilly outside and it feels like the first day of meteorological winter. temperatures are on par for this time of year. i just did day blog on regarding the first day of winter.
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i love that boat owner on this shot from the chesapeake beach who has the ball all live up with christmas lights. total sunshine to start the day and 25 degrees in mechanical, maryland. 38 at reagan national airport. sunny and 52 degrees this afternoon and some share of all the way through the weekend we have problems on 66 this morning with an accident in manassas at 234/business. that is as you have from prince william county into fairfax county and the left side of the road is affected. the eastbound side is on the left. watch for delays as you head toward manassas. after that, you will be slow east on 66 through fair oaks and briefly at the beltway.
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this is the beltway in maryland. colesville road is looking good but starting to build. everything is open at silver spring as you continue to the american legion bridge. >> 6:31 is your time. d.c. police are investigating a possible armed robbery that happen overnight in the 5200 block of dix street in northeast. no word of this incident is connected to a series of other early morning armed robberies. it happened across the northeast over the past few days and in each of the attacks, three masked gunmen robbed a convenience stores and customers inside. there is a $10,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. the montgomery county council is expected to vote on a loitering bill and curfew bill brady measures are aimed at preventing teen violence.
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mark hansen is speaking out about this and he says the bill would less -- would be less likely to be found unconstitutional. the metro board will meet today and a number of issues are on the agenda. board members will discuss possible fare hikes. they are forecasting $124 million budget gap for next year. the board is expected to talk about ongoing efforts to replace and repair escalators. we turn to a developing story from asia where stock markets saw a stockgains after central banks reduced borrowing rates to prevent a global credit crisis. that news and good news about the u.s. job market sparked a rally on wall street. the dow jumped nearly 500 points with a new report that said businesses hired more than
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200,000 new jobs in november. >> the only suspect in maryland woman's disappearance is telling his side of the story today. garry giordano will sit down with "good morning america" this morning. the whereabouts of robyn gardner remaining mystery. brianne carter is live and has more details. garry giordano is getting ready to speak about his adventures in aruba. we're getting a first look at the maryland man. he spent 116 days behind bars and he is the only suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner. she was his travel companion and she remains missing. he maintains that she was swept away while the two went snorkeling. an aruban appeals court upheld the decision to release them.
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him. we expected more about this coming up in a little while on abc 7 wind carries your dental speak out on "good morning america." >> 6:34 is your time. penn state administrators are pledging to move forward. they faced tough questions during a forum last night and the event took place hours after a man filed talos it against -- filed a lawsuit against jerry sandusky. police and montgomery counties a tip from the public lead them to a man wanted for a series of carjackings and robberies in wheaton. police announced the arrest of 50-year-old henry sanders. the so-called blob the
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bandit -- b the banditlond bandit was arrested after a low speed chase on the beltway. she is a suspect in at least three bank robberies in a carjacking and those crimes were across northern virginia and maryland. the judge is hearing arguments whether john hinckley should get more freedom. he wants to spend more time away from st. elizabeths hospital and his doctors are supportive but the prosecutors say it is premature. he looked at books about ronald reagan and assassinations at a bookstore. herman cain says he will decide in the next few days whether to end his white house bid. he says he is reassessing his campaign among allegations that he had a longstanding affair with a georgia businesswoman.
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herman cain supporters are reportedly switching their allegiance to newt gingrich. there is were the virginia earl attorney general is seeking higher office. ken cuccinelli will run for governor in 2013. is known as a crusading conservative and is popular with tea party supporters. the time is 6:37 and 37 degrees. >> still ahead, the countdown to christmas and we will have a live report. >> and we will have a another ch
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almost 6:40 on this thursday morning in time to check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> doug hill is with us live this morning. it is a different field this morning on the first day of meteorological winter with crisp temperatures. we are looking down the river. we're 27 minutes from sunrise with crystal clear skies. here are the numbers across the region with lots of low 30's.
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32 in frederick and gaithersburg. annapolis is influenced by the bay water at 42 degrees. the midlantic does not have much of anything. there is a weak line of a cold front that will pass through virtually unnoticed tomorrow. we're into the low 50's today right on schedule for what we should see this time of year. sunshine today clear and cold tonight, mid 50's tomorrow and the weekend looks nice. we will preview the weekend whether coming up in a few minutes. let's check in on the roads. they are not looking good. this is 66 trying to get through manassas. this is on eastbound 66 before to 34/business. it is much lower than usual.
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this is a heavier volume with the accident state to the right. after that, the usual volume as you continue past centreville and rte. 50 fare bfair oaks off and on to the beltway. things are moving slowly on 95 of from dale city. i-395 is getting heavier toward the 14th street bridge. >> thank you. 6:42 and 37 degrees. >> coming up, we will show you what caused a power outage at lax. >> the national christmas tree lighting is a couple of hours away. we will have details on this eve and then some important
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first lady michelle obama welcomes military families to the white house. there were the first visitors to see the christmas decorations this year. the decorations include 37 christmas trees as well as a 400-pound white house made of gingerbread, white chocolate and marzipan. >>sounds fancy. >> 400 pounds of food right there. president obama will help light the national christmas tree tonight that there is a brand new star of the show this year. jummy olabanji is live with details. good morning the new guest is a brand new christmas tree. we can take a sneak peak and that is the tree right there. the old one that had been here
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since the 1970's toppled over earlier this year and this is the new tree that was planted back in march. we can show you that the crew is here behind us getting the stage ready for what should be a star- studded event tonight. it will be hosted by carson daily and will feature several musical acts. if you are not one of the 14,000 who got a ticket and you want to leave the city this afternoon there will be traffic closures. d.c. police will be closing down 15th street between pennsylvania avenue and constitution avenue between 4:15 and when the event ends at 7:00. all of these lines in both directions will be closed so avoid this area if you try to leave the city.
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the national park service suggests that you use metro if you have tickets to the event and come in on the 70 street entrance. -- on the 17th street entrance. >> it looks like it will be fun if you can handle the cold. >>6:46 and let's look at the dead. the man accused of shooting several d.c. government buildings will have a hearing today. he was arrested in june after a security scare at arlington national cemetery. there'll be a fund raiser tonight to help the family of three people killed in a deadly house fire in lewisdale. the event will be held at lewsidale elementary school in hyattsville. d.c. protesters will hit
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their road today, marching from the dr. martin luther king memorial to his grave site in atlanta at variou. 6:47 is your time. the herman cain campaign future, we should know by the end of next we get the former front runner will end his white house hopes. >> and president obama is on the money trail. we're joined live with details. let's start with herman cain because it is interesting to see while he is still wavering, it is benefiting newt gingrich. yes, the cain train is struggling to make it into the station. any time the candidates as they may exit their race, that is a message for supporters to look
6:48 am
elsewhere. regardless of what decision he makes, he is in a weaker position and newt gingrich and mitt romney could benefit. >> can the comeback and say he will stay in the race after he has lost money and supporters? >> nothing is impossible but it is highly improbable. even if he stays in, he is moving from a position of weakness. >> president obama at three fund-raisers last night. he seems to be taking this indecisiveness on the gop side in stride. how is his campaign during up? >> what you saw yesterday was the fine line that president obama has to walk. he has to appeal to blue-collar voters in scranton, pa. and he says the problems were caused by some on wall street. he has to go to wall street for
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a major fund-raiser and apparently the other some are giving him the money. >> thank you very much. some fierce santa ana winds hit southern california last night and knocked out power to thousands of people and lax airport. the national weather service says winds have hit 80 miles per hour but will not peak until sometime today. time for our traffic and weather every 10 minutes. good morning, will not have winds like anything that -- like that here. temperatures right where they first reader -- or where they should be on the first day of december. let's look out a chesapeake beach and the time lapse looking out over the bay. there are holiday decorations on the boats in the marina and we are getting close to sunrise about 50 minutes away.
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fairfax is 35 degrees, a cool and comfortable morning. 25 degrees in mchenry and manassas at 29 degrees. temperatures are holding in in the 30's and we will end a 15-18 degrees to that by this afternoon. not much cloud cover through the mid-atlantic. the next feature will be a "cold front which will lose its punch over the next 48 hours. a full day of sunshine today and may be a blessing -- a passing cloud tomorrow. a great thursday around here and tonight it will drop into the 30's and mid-50's tomorrow. the weekend looks very nice as well. adam caskey will back in about 10 minutes. >> thank you so much.
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>> let's look at traffic. this is 66 eastbound in manassas. you can see the leftover activity on the shoulder. this look -- it looks like the lions have been reopened the accident was nearer to 34/a business and after the accident scene, you will have the usual volume delays. it is very tough trying to get into manassas right now. on 270 near father hurley boulevard, it is very slow. >> 6:52 and 37 degrees. >> stay with [ female announcer
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] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone. [ baby coughing ] [ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] more pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner but too many plants don't use it. we can't wait. epa must update power plant standards
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to protect our kids. [ baby coughing ] 6:54. american investors are feeling a little bit richer this morning. the dow jones jumped nearly 500 points yesterday on good news about jobs and an effort by central banks around the world to prevent a global credit crisis. former washington capitals coach bruce boudreau was hired by the anaheim ducks. he led the cabs to 14 division titles but did not win in the championships. thousand the people gather on the lips tonight for a d.c.
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holiday tradition. the first family will let the national christmas tree. this is the first light in for that new trade that replaces the one that toppled back in february. we want to get a final look at traffic. good morning we have this accident on going on 66 eastbound and business/234 and a move to the activity over to the shoulder but it is slow out of gainesville. in springfield, we see delays as you head toward springfield. it looks great, a little on the cool side and a lot of sunshine and seasonable, lower 50's later this afternoon this weekend will still be pleasant, sunny, and dry with temperatures 1 a little bit by sunday. next chance of rain comes early next week by tuesday.
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don't worry about it now. >> that will do it for us. >> for continuing local news,
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good morning, america. blackout. the moment the lights went out in l.a. breaking news overnight, as hurricane-force winds knock out power to tens of thousands in the west. now, thousands of passengers stranded in the worst wind storms in a decade. santa comes early. stocks surge. one of the largest leaps in three years. what's behind the sudden rise? and has the economy turned the corner for christmas? and juster hours after leaving jail, gary giordano the


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